About Us

Michel Cruz
In my work as a freelance writer and editor I have covered a great many topics and regions over the years. Add to this the articles written for publications produced through my design company, Manifesto Design, and it forms the basis of a quite respectable collection of articles and features.

We thought it would be a good idea to share some of these with you, offering them as a source of information, discussion and hopefully enjoyment. Alongside you will find a menu with topic categories. Look for articles under the category of your choice and please bear with us as we add more and more material. We hope you will find this site informative and useful – and we’re very happy to receive your feedback.

Manifesto Design
Manifesto Design is a design agency that offers corporate design services and specialises in publishing services. Although our main base is in Marbella (Spain), we are a highly mobile and internationally minded team who draw on our combination of marketing, product development, editorial and writing skills to produce a wide variety of publications and marketing material for our clients across Europe.

Broken down, our services include copywriting, freelance writing, editorial work, graphic design, marketing and PR, web design and media consulting. For more detailed information about the specialised editorial and publishing services we offer, visit our main website at www.manifestodesign.com, or contact us (form on the right sidebar)

Tel: (+34) 952 880 923