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Has Marbella entered a new growth cycle?

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

MarbellaOriginally published in Essential Magazine

Marbella has been through many economic cycles, most recently a pretty intense recession. The question now is, are the encouraging signs we see about us evidence of a new growth cycle or simply a temporary easing?  

When attempting to answer such questions one must always qualify answers with the incantation Ceteris Paribus (all things being equal). In other words, any conclusion reached is naturally subject to us not knowing what might happen next in economic or political terms. Events in the Ukraine indicate as much, and in an increasingly globalised world it needn’t happen on our doorstep to have an effect on us. (more…)

Financial Repression and the 6th Kondratiev

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Kondratieff Wave

It sounds like an adventure story and it is, only this is an epic not experienced by Harry Potter but the backdrop against which our lives are being played out.

I recently attended a conference in Frankfurt that highlighted some of the main economic issues of our times. Surrounded by the gleaming towers of the Deutsche Bank, the Sparkasse and the ECB a lot of things came into perspective during an enlightening session of speeches delivered by leading economists who were not only knowledgeable but also passionate and capable of placing it all within the wider context of society. (more…)

WABAS 2013

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

WABAS 2103 MalagaAs writers, designers, marketers and social media people we are members of various organisations in these fields. One of these is WABAS – Writers And Bloggers About Spain – which links professionals active across the length and breadth of Spain through the medium of a Facebook group. The latter is of course an ideal medium for this, as it allows members to interact, exchange information, give advice and enter into dialogue on a far bigger and more interactive scale than the bilateral forms of communication we’ve been used to so far.

The members of WABAS, now numbering around 150, do all these things, and while some are more active than others the one thing that is required of them is that they contribute in some way or another. (more…)

Editing 50 years in the life of a business

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

The Ribes familyA couple of years ago I had the privilege of editing a special publication produced by Inmobiliaria Rimontgó in honour of the company’s 50th anniversary. In this day and age it is a real achievement when a business reaches that milestone, and as this is a highly respected family firm originally founded by the current owners’ grandfather, it certainly meant a lot.

Hailing from Jávea, a beautiful coastal town a little south of Valencia on Spain’s east coast, the Ribes family has been a driving force in local business for around a century now, originally leading the way in making this one of the most important orange-exporting regions in Europe and later establishing the real estate firm that has grown into a highly prominent one today. (more…)

Málaga, a regional powerhouse in the making

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Malaga's technology parkThis article was written for Essential magazine May 2012 edition

We’ve all noticed it, there’s a recession going on. What’s more, it’s been biting hard and has done so for some time now, but quite apart from worries about the national economy there is a local trend that is far more encouraging. In the midst of recession Málaga is transforming itself into a modern city capable of attracting not only tourists and students but also foreign investment and international corporations. Whilst the beautification of the city’s historic centre continues, its pace is increasingly matched by an infrastructural modernisation aimed at turning Málaga into a centre of business and technology.

The first steps towards this goal have already been taken, in the form of the major new public works that began just as the boom ended and either have or are reaching completion now. Thanks to these, Málaga now boasts an impressive new airport terminal with transit capacity to match, a new ring road that alleviates congestion at former choke points near the city’s periphery and allows for easy routes to surrounding cities, and a high-speed rail link to Madrid that culminates in a brand new purpose-built railway station and commercial centre. In addition, work has begun on the initial part of a future metro network. (more…)