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Grand Hotel Bellevue, Gstaad – The high life…

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Dining at the Grand Hotel Bellevue, Gstaad, SwitzerlandThe Grand Hotel Bellevue is a jewel of opulence, style and comfort in the millionaire’s playground of Gstaad. All around are the valleys and wooded slopes of a paradisiacal Swiss landscape, green in summer and white winter wonderland at this time of the year.

In keeping with its jet-set location Bellevue is indeed a Grand Hotel in the finest of traditions—a place where well-travelled people come to be pampered in unabashed luxury. No need to apologise for having a good time here, it’s understood that that’s what people come for, and with sumptuously styled suites, fine dining restaurants, jet-set night spots and one of the best spas in Europe, it’s exactly what they get. (more…)

Boy George

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Giorgio Armani infront of one of his flagship storesEach year, over two million people buy an item of clothing or an accessory in one of the more than 2,000 Armani outlets in countries all over the world, generating revenues in excess of $700 million. This is the profile of a company that has enjoyed continued growth since it was established in 1975 and still shows no signs of slowing down. Loyal to a philosophy of design that has produced his trademark style of simple yet refined elegance, Giorgio Armani has not only weathered the vicissitudes of time, he has thrived on them. The secret of this remarkable success is the clean design that gives his creations a timeless quality, which transcends fashions and fads—the surest mark of a master.

As a young man, Giorgio Armani gave up his medical studies when he realised that he had a greater affinity for design. After several detours, he found his true vocation in the hectic and exciting world of the Milan fashion industry, where his first notable design, now almost 35 years ago, was a button for a jacket by Nino Cerruti, his erstwhile employer. Displaying a unique personal touch at a very early stage in his career, Armani plunged wholeheartedly into the unknown, breaking new ground and shirking no challenge in the process. (more…)

Daniel Libeskind villas, Marbella

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Exterior Libeskind Villas in MarbellaWith an ultramodern project designed by American architect Daniel Libeskind, the man charged with designing the new World Trade Centre site in New York, Marbella has attracted a project of true architectural significance.

One of the leading architects of our time, Daniel Libeskind has also added to an already impressive list of great American designers. A sought-after guest lecturer at universities around the world, his work is inspired by the possibilities of a new era in which technology, media and novel materials are pushing the definitions of conventional living spaces towards new boundaries.

Noted for his impressive public and commercial projects, Libeskind also brings the expressive freedom of these genres into the design of private homes, as in the case of the Libeskind Villas in Marbella. Offering the kind of quality, comfort and luxurious living environment expected from a modern villa these homes reject rectangular spaces, conventional materials and construction techniques in favour of the angularity of a new age. (more…)