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The tones of taste

Friday, March 27th, 2015

Tones of Taste- Michel CruzThough they relate to different senses and experiences, colour and taste are so entwined as to overlap in meaning – making yellow synonymous with lemons, brown with chocolate and orange with, well oranges. The strength of the relationship is revealed when you imagine a topsy-turvy world in which beer is green, tomatoes brown and rice blue…

We associate colours and tastes to such an extent that we mix them, speaking of lemon yellow, lime green, tangerine, plum red, chocolate brown and so on. In fact, many of the characteristics we ascribe to a certain tone, such as fresh green or deep burgundy, are at least in part drawn from the foodstuff they remind us of. Naturally there are also variants, such as white chocolate, green tomatoes and brown rice, but while we have grown used to these it feels odd to stray too far from the combination of tones and flavours that have become engrained in our brains, as well as our eyes and taste buds. (more…)

Get away from it all with Tarifa Escape

Saturday, December 28th, 2013

Tarifa Escape weekendIf modern life and its pace, demands and stresses is getting on top of you a Tarifa Escape may be just what you need. Picture this – a comfortable Spanish villa set against a gently sloping hill covered in beautiful umbrella pine trees looking straight out over untouched beaches and across the Atlantic to Cape Spartel in Morocco.

Just around the corner are the cool beach clubs and seaside restaurants of Tarifa, with the trendy little town down the road and Valdevaqueros Beach – Europe’s top kite-surfing spot – a kilometre or two the other way. Here, ensconced within a lush canopy of greenery you are surrounded by two things: nature and views. (more…)

A voyage of discovery with Toma Tours

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Pablo station restaurantOver the years I’ve been fortunate to see a lot of Andalucía and enjoy many of the exotic experiences that are unique to this southernmost part of Europe. So I like to think I know it pretty well, and travelling to Algeciras to hook up with a group of journalists and PR people I thought I had the measure of the press trip we were about to embark upon.

I hadn’t counted on the sheer enthusiasm and knowledge of organiser Manni Coe, the founder of Toma Tours and re-discoverer of the route we were about to follow. His detailed knowledge of southern Spain is born out of a passion for its culture, history and people that also shapes the fantastic tours he puts together. (more…)

Discovering beautiful lakes on our doorstep (Part 2)

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Laghi di Monticchio, Italy In my previous blog you will have read all about our adventures in and around the fair town of Potenza. If not, go right back to start and catch up before reading on…

So having chanced upon the wondrous Laghi di Monticchio after our laborious travails through the hills of Basilicata, we promised ourselves to come back and explore this little hidden paradise properly. This is exactly what we did a few days later, following the much easier route from Calitri along the gently winding valley road en route to Melfi. Well before that town, however, you turn off and upwards towards Rionero in Vulture. (more…)

Silos 19 – setting a new standard in Tarifa

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Silos 19 Restaurant Tarifa

Those of us who know Tarifa love it for its fresh, laid-back surfer’s paradise ambience untainted by the kind of mass-tourism that has blighted large parts of the world’s coastal regions.

Tarifa is a seaside resort with a difference. Instead of blocks of high rise apartments and hotels dotted with snack bars and souvenir shops, expect to find instead a funky little town that basks in a classic hippy chic atmosphere as much as it basks in the Spanish sun. (more…)