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Has Marbella entered a new growth cycle?

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

MarbellaOriginally published in Essential Magazine

Marbella has been through many economic cycles, most recently a pretty intense recession. The question now is, are the encouraging signs we see about us evidence of a new growth cycle or simply a temporary easing?  

When attempting to answer such questions one must always qualify answers with the incantation Ceteris Paribus (all things being equal). In other words, any conclusion reached is naturally subject to us not knowing what might happen next in economic or political terms. Events in the Ukraine indicate as much, and in an increasingly globalised world it needn’t happen on our doorstep to have an effect on us. (more…)

No more monkey business

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

Gibraltar monkeysText & photos: Ash Bolton

They are one of Gibraltar’s most iconic and enduring symbols. Yet a number of the Rock’s famous apes will be captured and relocated abroad in the next few months. Government chiefs have been prompted to act as groups of the Barbary Macaques have been up to no good in built up areas such as schools and Main Street. According to scientists based on the British Overseas Territory, many of the monkeys have lost their fear of humans and now regard them as a source of rich food. It’s believed up to 120 of the Rock’s 230 strong monkey colony could now be deported to North Africa. (more…)

The making of Manifesto Design

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Jackie Cruz and Michel CruzTen years old this year, Manifesto Design is the design and marketing company founded by expat couple Michel and Jackie Cruz, who moved to Spain some 15 years ago.

Now longstanding residents of Marbella, they have made a life for themselves, building a good name as reliable and skilled professionals, and creating a company that has weathered the recession well and is showing renewed growth and vigour. (more…)

Classic chic in the heart of Tarifa

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Classic chic in the heart of Tarifa

In the heart of the old town there is an enchanting home that encapsulates the charm, elegance and the unique ambience of Tarifa.

This article first appeared in Essential magazine and is for sale with Tarifa Direct.
Words: Michel Cruz, Photography:

Tarifa’s historic centre is a small but attractive maze of little streets and squares populated by white-plastered houses and stylish boutique hotels. Some are grand, others unassuming, but an occasional glimpse through an open door reveals the oasis of peace and fresh air created within the courtyard patios of even the humblest of homes. (more…)

The Portuguese Riviera

Friday, April 19th, 2013

Baia de Cascais, Lisbon, PortugalWhere Spain is famous for its Costas, the most privileged coastal settings of France, Italy and Portugal, amongst others, are called Rivieras. The very word is synonymous with a classic sense of opulence and style, and though the term originated centuries ago to describe the Ligurian coastlines of France and Spain, it is with the Belle Epoque of the late 19th century that Rivieras remain forever associated.

The making of  a Riviera
What sets a Riviera apart from a sunny coastal region popular with tourists is therefore a sense of classical elegance and pedigree. In the case of Portugal, it is the distinction between the Algarve, first ‘discovered’ by tourism in the 1960s, and the coastal resort towns of Cascais and Estoril, whose traditions stretch much further back. Situated close to Lisbon, where the Tejo River meets the Atlantic Ocean, the area began attracting sophisticates from Europe and beyond in the course of the 19th century, in much the same way as San Remo, Biarritz and Cannes were doing at the time. (more…)