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Kamini Ezralow: interiors of good character

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

IntaryaAs the driving force behind Chelsea-based interior designers, Intarya, Kamini Ezralow is something of an expert in undertaking jobs for London’s most discerning clientele. Formerly known as Lifestyles (interiors) Intarya combines the shortened form of ‘international’ and ‘interiors’, while ‘arya’ is a Buddhist term for someone who respects good character.

Ezralow’s projects have included overseeing makeovers of expansive private residences, as well as major commercial projects, including highly prestigious commissions such as the penthouses in Dubai’s World Trade Centre. Intarya’s design of Celestial Hope (a mega-yacht) won prizes at the Monaco Boat Show.

The Lancasters, a supremely chic residence situated on the edge of London’s Hyde Park, has also been the recipient of Intarya’s magic touch. This ‘revival’ building has retained its attractive historical features outside, but inside it has been completely transformed, traditional touches existing in harmony with contemporary design.

The basic theme throughout is that of the Grand Tour, a custom that thrived amongst the upper classes from about the 1660s until the 1840s, when wealthy young men would travel through Europe on a cultural pilgrimage. Their tendency to buy vast quantities of mementoes as they moved from country to country resulted in an increasingly eclectic style of interior design that showcased artistic trends from across the continent. (more…)

The culinary wanderings of Markus Glocker

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Markus Glocker in the kitchen of Gorden Ramsey, New YorkAustrian-born Markus Glocker is a young chef making a name for himself in the increasingly international world of top cuisine. Having trained under and worked with some of the great names in the business this two-Michelin star chef continues a fine Austrian tradition of producing top gastronomic talent. Glocker currently stars as Chef de Cuisine for Gordon Ramsey at The London, New York.

You trained in Austria and now work for a British chef creating modern interpretations of French classics – which culinary tradition would you say has been the greatest influence on you as a chef?
For me, Austrian cuisine is not meant to be the ultimate fine dining experience but combining it with different styles like British/French makes it more interesting. Austrian food is all about culture, roots and region. Most people’s idea of Austrian food is that it is rich and heavy, but nowadays it is becoming lighter and more interesting, and people are more willing to experiment and accommodate new flavours. There is a new generation of chefs that have left Austria to experience new techniques and flavours, and who are now coming back to apply what they have learned to Austrian cuisine. (more…)

James Hewitt and The Polo House, Marbella

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

James Hewitt outside The Polo HouseBeleaguered by paparazzi, James Hewitt left London in search of peace and pastures new. He chose Marbella as his new abode and has since created a touch of stylish London along the famous Golden Mile.

Standing prominently among the trendy new-style eateries and nightspots of Marbella’s Golden Mile is the Polo House, an exclusive restaurant and bar with a distinctly British club atmosphere. By this I don’t mean nightclub, but gentleman’s club, for the Polo House harnesses the finest of English traits to evoke a sophisticated, elegant and almost colonial ambience. Here, classic good breeding and the old-worldly refinement for which the British were once renowned still seem to hang in the air. Indeed, the Polo House has a somewhat aristocratic feel about it and the timeless décor reflects it. (more…)

Alexander Shorokhoff, Russian culture encapsulated in time

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Alexander Shorokhoff Leo Tolstoi SkeletonWatchmaker Alexander Shorokhoff is a man fascinated by both culture and technology. As an engineer and enthusiast of Russian tradition he is perfectly qualified to marry the best in modern precision engineering to an artistic vision laced with the distinctive touches of his motherland. The result is a remarkable collection of timepieces that are fast gaining a reputation for Russian excellence in design and jewellery.

Trained as an engineer, Alexander Shorokhoff was working in Moscow when selected to become one of the first professionals invited to study abroad at a free market university. In his case, the road led to Frankfurt, where he would subsequently become involved in watch making. “It was a fascinating new experience and one I took to very naturally,” says Shorokhoff. “Even when I was studying engineering in Moscow I always had a fascination with design, geometry and architecture, so working with watches was a perfect environment for me, as it combines both the technical and the artistic sides.” (more…)

Oyarbide, the best-kept secret in town…

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Interior of the exclusive Oyarbide restaurant in MarbellaSeating just 24, this most elegant of restaurants offers big city sophistication and Michelin-style cuisine in an ambience of tasteful exclusivity.

To walk into Oyarbide is like stepping into the home of a famous chef. In fact, it is nearer to the truth than you would imagine, for this exquisite restaurant is a project of love for renowned Basque chef Carlos Oyarbide. Having operated leading restaurants in different parts of Spain, including his signature two-Michelin star establishment in the millionaire’s suburb of Moraleja – where bankers, television stars and the likes of David Beckham were among his regular clientele – he has now settled in Marbella, seduced by the weather and lifestyle of the famous resort town. (more…)