A feast for the eye

by Michel Cruz

A feast for the eye

A feast for the eye

Design, as a force that marries the practical requirements of function with the more visually driven aspects of form, has been around since mankind first started shaping its surroundings. Throughout history, however, there have been times when prosperity allowed creativity to flow freely and produce the architectural and artistic masterpieces that still have such a powerful impact upon us today.

While large parts of the past hundred years will not exactly inspire future generations to the same extent, we now again live in a world where design plays an important role in our lives. From the funky new Mini and Beetle to the rather more austere, futuristic interior design of modern offices, shops, homes and indeed hotels, a pure notion of design has been revived that enlivens the senses and exposes beauty in its many diverse forms.

Designer brands have cashed in on our obsession with design and the desire to be surrounded by beautiful things. The hotel industry, too, has been revolutionised, as a new generation of architects, interior and industrial designers, landscapers and hoteliers are bringing together their respective skills to offer today’s traveller a veritable smorgasbord of stylish options and venues.

Often referred to as boutique hotels, they have emerged from Soho and Sydney to Penang and Palermo, acting in contrast to the uniformity of large urban chain hotels and attempting to blend into and celebrate their surroundings, both natural and cultural, as they offer visitors a very personal service within a stylish setting. Such individualistic venues are usually run by people who bring to their auberges a unique sense of décor.

The styles vary as greatly as the locations, ranging from the ultra-cool and minimalist avant-garde austerity created within the functional constraints of a Bauhaus high-rise hotel to the psychedelically eclectic and masterfully pastiche riot of colour and form that can mark the interior of a renovated Georgian Townhouse or a former dockside warehouse. Such contrasts of style and location produce a powerfully dramatic effect.

Creating a practical, functioning hotel within such an environment requires a special touch, especially if the stylistic effect, be it modern, futuristic or retro, is not permitted to come at the expense comfort and enjoyment. Design Hotels™ is a specialist company that offers an exquisite range of hand picked luxury designer hotels from across the globe that offer the personalised styling, service and ambience of a true designer hotel.



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