The Tourbillon, by Greubel Forsey

The Tourbillon watch by Greubel ForseyThere are designer watches sporting famous brand names and then there are collector’s watches whose names say it all to those in the know. The Tourbillon, by Greubel Forsey, is just such a masterpiece.

Not merely bought as a watch but sought after by collectors from across the world, the Tourbillon is a work of art, a pinnacle in the watch making craft that involves art, jewellery and fine engineering in its making.

Behind every masterpiece is a master, and the Tourbillon is no different except that it is born out of the genius of two of the world’s greatest watchmakers. Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey are engineers, artists and inventors within their genre who do the longstanding Swiss tradition in this field proud. Together they have revisited and perfected the watch as we know it to create something that is at once beautiful, exquisitely made and reliable beyond comparison.

The detail lies in the intricate engineering that takes watch making to another level, embracing complexity rather than finding ways around it. It seems no technical challenge is too great for this duo, for they revel in rising to the occasion and mastering every detail, every piece and indeed every movement that records the passage of time. In this choreography of time hundreds of tiny pieces move to synchronised perfection, a play of pieces that is partly exposed not just in the watch’s facia but also in its profile and on the wrist, thus creating a true cross-section of the beautifully crafted innards of the Tourbillon.

Classic timepiece from Greubel ForseyA timepiece of distinction
Comprised of four synchronised Tourbillon timepieces that produce a single harmony of movement, the Quadruple Tourbillon is perhaps the ultimate collector’s item in a selection of rare pieces marked by innovation and the elegance of perfectly balanced design. Though undeniably masculine, these watches convey a sense of elegance that is at once classical and modern, marked by a forward-thinking architecture that adheres to the irrefutable classic laws of proportion and symmetry – even when adopting asymmetrical forms.

In a precious work upon which so much love, passion and attention has been lavished you would expect nothing less than the finest materials to have been used. For buyers of Tourbillons price is not an issue, so they are made from the finest frosted nickel finished in palladium, hand-worked steel and gold, all complimented with the best leather money can buy. Produced in a modern workshop that blends in with its idyllic Swiss country surroundings, the Greubel Forsey creations represent the finest in Swiss rationalism, craftsmanship and artistry. What is created in the process is a unique timepiece that transcends the conventional bounds of watches and enters a sphere of art and jewellery. In other words, an engineering gem that is an objet d’art in its own right.

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