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Motoring for individualists

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Built for individualists with a penchant for style and elegance, Wiesmann cars are as exclusive as they look – a modern sports car beneath classic retro charm.

On the outskirts of the German town of Dülmen stands a modern building whose stunning architecture offers a hint at what is inside. No, this is not a state-of-the-art museum, a science faculty or a futuristic conference centre but actually a factory where cars are made. (more…)

The Tygan Speedster – A class(ic) act

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

By Michel Cruz
Photography by KH Photography

Tygan SpeedsterOne of the perks of writing articles about cars is that you can occasionally drive the type of bolide you would normally never get to take for a spin. I make no claim to being a latter-day Niki Lauda or in any way related to the Stig, but I have thrown the odd car around a bend in my day and even pulled a hair-raising stunt or two. Until I got into the Tygan Speedster, however, I hadn’t driven a ‘real’ car. (more…)

Opel GT – a new original

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Opel GT

Known best for its pleasant, reliable family cars, Opel is perhaps not one of those carmakers whose name makes the heart beat faster, yet when the firm issued a certain press release early in 2006, it caused a ripple of excitement amongst car aficionados far and wide. The reason for this was the subject of the communiqué, which stated the intended return of a true motoring classic: the GT.


Pininfarina – The alchemy of form

Friday, January 9th, 2009

PininfarinaThe name Pininfarina conjures up images of luxury, speed and taste. Over the past 50 years the famous Turin design house has penned some of the most desirable and iconic cars in the world, but besides giving shape to Ferraris, Maseratis and other exotic forms of transport Pininfarina has also been at the forefront of innovation – pioneers in search of the perfect alchemy of form, technology and function…

Alfa Romeo Spider – Red Hot

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

by Michel Cruz

Alfa Romeo Spider – Red Hot

Alfa Romeo Spider – Red Hot

Picture this: a sunny day in Tuscany, the breeze running through your hair as you follow a winding road and watch the rolling hills of this iconic region unfold before you. Head through a lane framed by tall cypresses on the way to a stately country home, or park your car in the square of a picture-perfect village. Could it get any better than this? The soundtrack to this motorist’s daydream should be something like Nessun Dorma, and the car an Alfa Spider.