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Kamini Ezralow: interiors of good character

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

IntaryaAs the driving force behind Chelsea-based interior designers, Intarya, Kamini Ezralow is something of an expert in undertaking jobs for London’s most discerning clientele. Formerly known as Lifestyles (interiors) Intarya combines the shortened form of ‘international’ and ‘interiors’, while ‘arya’ is a Buddhist term for someone who respects good character.

Ezralow’s projects have included overseeing makeovers of expansive private residences, as well as major commercial projects, including highly prestigious commissions such as the penthouses in Dubai’s World Trade Centre. Intarya’s design of Celestial Hope (a mega-yacht) won prizes at the Monaco Boat Show.

The Lancasters, a supremely chic residence situated on the edge of London’s Hyde Park, has also been the recipient of Intarya’s magic touch. This ‘revival’ building has retained its attractive historical features outside, but inside it has been completely transformed, traditional touches existing in harmony with contemporary design.

The basic theme throughout is that of the Grand Tour, a custom that thrived amongst the upper classes from about the 1660s until the 1840s, when wealthy young men would travel through Europe on a cultural pilgrimage. Their tendency to buy vast quantities of mementoes as they moved from country to country resulted in an increasingly eclectic style of interior design that showcased artistic trends from across the continent. (more…)

Jean-Paul Gaultier Meets Roche Bobois

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Fashion designer, Jean Paul GaultierThe name Roche Bobois is synonymous with quality and style, its position in the luxury furniture market as strong as ever, so the company’s 50th anniversary was the perfect moment to launch its latest manifesto: The 10 Commandments of Design.

Enlisting the assistance of France’s bad boy of design, Jean-Paul Gaultier, the 50th anniversary collection is a genuinely stunning blend of a classic furniture brand’s coming together with one of the main players in 21st century fashion.

Roche Bobois has a long history of working with designers from the world of haute couture, Emanuel Ungaro and Kenzo Takada being just two of the major names to be associated with this illustrious furniture company. One of the enduring traits of Roche Bobois has been the fact that it’s never been afraid to embrace new ideas, which probably accounts at least in part for its success and longevity.

Jean-Paul Gaultier started his career with a carefully cultivated reputation as high fashion’s clown prince, but with the passing of the years he has been embraced as a truly original creator of some of Europe’s most striking and unique fashion.


Royal Siam

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

At once mysterious and welcoming, Thailand is a tropical paradise with hidden depths beyond its beaches, spa resorts and nightlife.

A Thai Buddhist monkTypically South East Asian, Thailand is the confluence of three great cultures. Dominated for centuries by the neighbouring Khmer, the people of Thailand have also been strongly influenced by India and China. From early Hindu influences through to Buddhist conversion, the Thai have borrowed from their Indian and Chinese neighbours to create a distinctive identity of their own. While many of these traditions may have their origins in the India of classical times, and while a large percentage of the population is of Chinese extraction, the resulting mix is a spicy blend that can be rightly labelled as Thai.

The Thai, or Siamese, state was established when the country broke free from the yoke of its Khmer masters and established the first of several dynasties, the Sukhothai, in the 13th century. From then on, the nation became a major power in the region, eventually even wreaking its revenge on the Khmer as the 15th century Kingdom of Ayutthaya invaded modern-day Cambodia and destroyed the old Khmer capital at Angkor. Smaller kingdoms competed for power until the nation was finally unified in the late 18th century and bordering areas incorporated under King Rama I, founder of the Chakri dynasty that rules to this day. (more…)