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Cerveza sin, por favor – The Future of NABLABs

Monday, March 21st, 2011

No- and low-alcohol beers have been gaining some traction of late in several markets but there’s one country where NABLABs have been embraced by consumers like no other. Michel Cruz reports from Spain on the rise of low alcohol refreshment.

Page 1 NABLABs article in Brewers Guardian magazineIn many ways the Spanish beer market is much like that of the rest of Europe. After years of rapid growth the current economic climate has seen production drop somewhat, with on-trade sales falling and consumer focus turning to economy brands available through off-trade channels. Where the country clearly stands out, though is the fact that Non-Alcoholic Beers and Low-Alcohol Beers (NABLAB) are consumed at around three to four times the average European rate. We wondered why.

Since their mainstream introduction in the 1980s non-alcohol and low-alcohol beers have not exactly taken the industry by storm. Most beer drinkers still prefer the taste of alcohol in their lager and continue to overwhelmingly consume ‘conventional’ beer types in spite of the pressures of anti-drink driving campaigns. Many seem prepared to single out a ‘designated driver’ for abstention rather than opting for the range of alcohol-free products that are available. While the taste of early NABLABs is cited as one of the reasons, others point to the fact that changing longstanding consumer habits in such traditional beer markets as Germany, Belgium and the UK is a hard and lengthy process. (more…)

Future Tense

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

by Michel Cruz

Rimontgo’s José Ribes Bas to speak at FutureTense

Boca Raton, Florida – (Feb. 15, 2008)

José Ribes Bas, co-director of Inmobiliaria Rimontgó, has been asked to speak at FutureTense, the international forum for the development and application of technology in the real estate sector. Held during its annual conference at Boca Raton, Florida, on April 9-11, FutureNet is the initiative of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, and forms part of its drive to embrace new technologies in the sector.

“We can’t fall behind in our knowledge and application of the latest technology,” said Mr. Ribes. “If that were to happen, we could be guilty of missing important opportunities in the marketing of properties. Basically, we owe it to our clients to stay abreast of the latest technologies and developments, as that is the only way we can ensure them the best possible service.”

A passionate promoter of modern marketing avenues in an ever-developing market, Mr. Ribes is one of in a selective list of distinguished speakers on topics that will range from search engine strategy and data analytics to future online media developments and how companies can retain a local presence while becoming increasingly global in their marketing.

A driving member of many international organisations such as the Spanish Official Real Estate Brokers’ Association, the European Real Estate Network and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, he will be speaking about the strategies available to maximise web exposure and use the web as an ever more effective marketing tool.

Marbella’s message: style over substance?

Friday, February 1st, 2008

by Michel Cruz

marbella3.jpgMarbella’s message: style over substance?

We all know Marbella’s image has been somewhat tarnished since its heyday and its subsequent revival in the late 90’s. Corruption, money laundering, never-ending mass construction that turns large parts of the area into Bolivian-style open cast mines, the constant presence of a jungle of construction cranes, fleets of construction vehicles that pound the surface out of the roads, planning debacles and a rise in both prices and crime have had their effect. (more…)

The Role of Property Exhibitions

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

by Michel Cruz

Real Estate and Property ExhibitionsYear after year, the many property exhibitions that are held across the world, and Europe in particular, draw hundreds of thousands of visitors to their diverse offering of luxury homes, affordable mass housing, rural getaways and holiday homes. What attracts visitors to these fairs, what do they do for the exhibiting companies and what kind of an impact do they have on the property industry as a whole? (more…)