Rosso Corsa – for lovers of Ferrari!

A Ferrari is so much more than just a car, and its owners are an international band of aficionados who have long since fallen in love with these powerful beasts of beauty. Rosso Corsa is a place dedicated to the love of all things Ferrari.

The story of Rosso Corsa began 20 years ago, when Francesco Sena first began to share his passion for the creations of Maranello with fellow enthusiasts of this particular artform from around the world. The result is a company that can boast close to 100 iconic modern, classic and limited edition Ferraris in its showroom at any point in time – each and every one of them a timeless work of art.

Thanks to this and its sourcing, maintaining and caretaking of the finest Ferraris for owners not just in Marbella but around the world, Rosso Corsa is regarded as one of the greatest Ferrari specialist firms internationally. “We certainly live and breathe all things Ferrari,” says Sales Manager Patric Oldbury, who shares the founder’s passion for the Prancing Horse.

Suitably situated at the base of an iconic driver’s road – where Marbella meets the mountain route up to Ronda – Rosso Corsa is more than a luxurious showroom, much more, offering a bespoke sales and sourcing service for both new and classic Ferraris from and for customers around the globe, as well as expert mechanical work, reconstruction and refurbishment of cars, maintenance and caretaking. “We provide a specialised rental service of Ferrari challenge cars for passionate drivers, delivering them to the racetrack of their choice, complete with a mechanical support team and professional driving instruction.” And when they’re not on the track, owners and professional drivers can work on their lap times with an authentic Ferrari simulator, located in the heart of Rosso Corsa ‘limited edition’ showroom.

A successful formula

It’s a very personal approach that is much appreciated by fellow Ferrari owners and enthusiasts, and which has seen Rosso Corsa grow both in stature and size. Last month a suitably glamorous event celebrating the company’s expansion was hosted at its 5,000m2 showroom and premises at the edge of San Pedro Alcántara. Clients and guests mingled amid mouth-watering models that include the La Ferrari, ‘Magnum’s’ F308, the Testarossa, GTO, the 812 GTS, the Dino and the ‘Icona’ Monza, of which only two are available in Marbella – both at Rosso Corsa.

“Not only are we able to source any model, classic or modern for collectors, we count on a worldwide network that enables us to always have both rare and the latest limited-edition models,” says Francesco. Above the showroom on the ground floor is a level dedicated to racing cars and limited-edition models for advanced collectors, who in the Ferrari tradition have to be longstanding clients before they are invited to buy one of the latest offerings. This may sound a little snobbish, but such is the demand for Ferraris – and in particular the special versions – that by simply owning a car of this kind represents a value-added investment, as many Ferraris made in particularly small numbers increase greatly in value.

The classic and luxury car world have therefore joined the ranks of art and prized property as a bona fide asset class with great investment potential. As always, knowing how to go about it makes a big difference, so Francesco and Rosso Corsa team not only source, restore and service the finest Ferraris at their workshop on the lower floor, but also provide the kind of curating advice that a serious art buyer would expect – and with the sums currently being paid at auction it is easy to understand why.

Rosso Corsa ‘Rooftop’ lounge by Louis XIII

It’s clear that Rosso Corsa is far more than a dealership and workshop alone; it is a veritable temple to the art of beautiful sports cars, works of art in design and engineering that have garnered a global following whose appreciation of these Italian stallions on wheels grows with every decade. This car lover’s spot at the base of the Ronda road is the place where they acquire their Ferraris, have them lovingly restored and looked after, curated for racing activities, complete with technical support teams, and also come together at the rooftop VIP lounge, where kindred spirits can indulge a passion as complete as the love of sport and automotive art.


First published in Essential Magazine

Images courtesy of Rosso Corsa / Marbella Photo Cars

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