Contemporary World Interiors

CONTEMPORARY WORLD INTERIORSIn her book, Contemporary World Interiors, Susan Yelavich surveys some of the world’s most sumptuously stylish homes, resorts, commercial premises and public areas, charting the evolution of 25 years of interior design. In doing so she takes the reader on a tour of world cities―or more correctly, their interior spaces―focusing on a selection of colourful and striking designs. Rather than gloss over a few iconic references, Yelavich’s work is an in-depth study of more than 450 projects by over 400 designers and architects, from Philippe Starck, Marcel Wanders and John Pawson to Zaha Hadid, UdA, Atelier Bow-Wow and LOT-EK.

Bruges LoftVisually delighting, this fine Phaidon-published collectible explore the rise and fall of successive styles and movements in interior architecture, tracing the meaning and thinking behind their designs and linking these to the prevailing attitudes to living and working spaces, and the technologies available to their creators. The differences are brought home by the multitudes of styles, forms and above all, ambiences portrayed on these pages. Ranging from brightly colourful to starkly monochrome, soft-flowing moulds of shape to hard-edged right angles, Yelavich reveals the rich kaleidoscope of creativity that has marked the past 25 years. If the next 25 years prove to be anywhere near as good, we can look forward to interesting, and indeed beautiful, things to come.

Contemporary World Interiors is published by Phaidon,

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